“Stork’s Nest” Kindergarten

Classroom in the Stork’s Nest Kindergarten – © F. Mohrwinkel

This kindergarten was completed after 77 hours of joint work by many companies, the citizens of Bergenhusen and the ARD program “Now or Never” on 17 July 1992 at 4:00 pm. Ingo Dubinski, the presenter of the television program, had been given the task of building this kindergarten within those 77 hours. Craftsmen from Stapelholm, the neighbouring districts and federal states donated material and labor for the kindergarten. The construction was sensational and the commitment and cohesion of the community and all helpers unique. Since then, the “Storchennest” (= stork’s nest) kindergarten has been run by the Bergenhusen municipality and can accommodate up to 53 children between the ages of one and six, who are currently cared for and schooled in three permanent groups.

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