The Andresen farmhouse

The Andresen farmhouse at its original location (author of the photo unknown)

A large farmhouse, particularly conspicuous for its representative half-timbered gable, once stood in what is today someone’s garden. The Andresen house, named after its former owners, was built in 1765. In 1969, 200 years later, the building was dismantled piece by piece and then rebuilt in the open-air museum in Molfsee as an example of Stapelholm architecture. It can still be seen there today.

The rich half-timbered gable was almost unique for Bergenhusen at that time, there was only one other such house in the village. The gable quite possibly dates back to an earlier year. It is assumed that this originated from an older building and was reused here. Until 1864 the Andresen house was a privileged “Freihof”, meaning it was exempt from burdens and duties.

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